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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 15, 2014 6:00am-6:20am EDT

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is definitely a winner today. i'd give it more than five stars if i can. beautiful view of the jefferson memorial. we're looking at mainly clear skies this morning, sunshine throughout the day, and, yes, low humidity. temperatures have dropped into the 50s and 60s. we'll be in the middle 70s by the lunch break and later on this afternoon, we're talking about a high right around 80 degrees. in fact, things are going to be nice, not only today but tomorrow as well. but i'm tracking some changes on the way halfway through the weekend. back to you. >> thanks, olga. we begin with a look at what's making news this morning. >> the protests haven't let up, but finally there was a night without violence in ferguson, missouri. state troopers have taken charge of security after days of looting and riots following the police shooting of an unarmed teenager. after resisting internal and international pressure to step aside, iraqi prime minister nouri al-maliki is indeed resigning his post. it is his hope that the next prime minister will encourage more compromise between the political and religious factions. on his first trip to asia
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as pontiff, pope francis held a youth day in south korea. he also celebrated mass in a stadium. this is the first time a pope has visited south korea in 25 years. the visit is seen as a nod to the growth of catholicism in asia. you can fire up the coffee makers this morning in southern prince george's county, once the residents flush their taps for about five minutes, the water is now safe to drink there. about 10,000 w.s.s.c. customers had been under a boil water advisory since a water main break along passcataway creek earlier this week. and a different water main break this morning has some families waking up to flooding in their homes. an eight-inch main ruptured in capitol heights along larchmont avenue, even buckling part of the roadway. 6:01. here's olga with an update on our lovely forecast. >> it is lovely. loving the forecast today, tomorrow, even saturday looks pretty good. sunday, first half of the day is going to be fantastic. we're looking live at the michael and son cam overlooking
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the potomac river as folks head on in toward the jefferson memorial. it is definitely a sunshine day. grab those glasses stepping out. middle 70s by lunch, upper 70s, near 80 degrees later on this afternoon, and, yes, the forecast is going to stay pretty much in the clear. temperatures, though, starting out a little bit on the cool side. grab that sweater as you step on out. ang. >>reporter: olga, we are still tracking an issue in fredrick this morning. the main traffic problem, south market street remains shut down between clark place and stadium drive in fredrick. we had a single-car crash. the car went into a pole. we've got hanging wires. of course lots of authorities on the scene investigating and trying to clean up this crash for you. otherwise we're moving pretty good. a live view of the i.c.c. this morning. all directions moving well between montgomery and prince george's county. i-270 as we get a look at clarksburg road. as you can see our southbound lanes without delay. and a look at the beltway, 495 at georgetown pike moving pretty good on the inner lanes as you make your way into montgomery county. andrea and mike, back to you.
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>> thanks, angela. after eight years in power, iraqi prime minister nouri al- maliki caves to u.s. and international pressure. >> he resigned his post to make way for a new leader. susan mcginnis has more on what the resignation could mean for iraq's future. >>reporter: the white house is commending iraqi prime minister nouri al-maliki for his decision to step down. he hands the reigns to rival hadirall al-abadi. the shiite government was blamed for deepening the sectarian grips that allowed the iraqi and syrian military to advance. it calls as u.s. calls off plans to rescue religious minorities trapped on a mountain top in iraq. that mission could have put hundreds of american troops on the ground. instead, u.s. air drops of supplies were found to be infective. >> because of these efforts, we do not expect there to be an additional operation to uateeople off the mountain and it's unlikely that we're going to need to continue humanitarian air drops on the
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mountain. >>reporter: that aid has helped many of the more than 1 1/2 million people displaced by islamic state militants. but even those who escaped say they still need help. this man tried to lead his family from the mountain to safety, only to see his mother die from lack of food and water and exhaustion. he said we refuse to leave without her. after a few hours of thirst, hunger and exhaustion, she fell and passed away. the new prime minister of iraq will have 30 days to establish a new government. he will face the challenge of uniting iraq and defeating the insurgents. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the u.n. security council will vote today on a resolution that would punish the recruitment and financing of foreign fighters in iraq and syria. it also demands all al-qaida- linked groups to disarm and disband immediately. after four straight nights of violence, things stayed calm overnight in ferguson, missouri >> people have been protesting the death of michael brown. he is the 18-year-old who was
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unarmed when a police officer shot and killed him last saturday. while the crowds still gather, there were no nighttime rampages reported this overnight. missouri governor transferred control of that situation from the local police department over to state patrol officers. officers even walked with demonstrators and all the riot gear that was out has since been put away. the highway patrol captain now in charge also said the name of the officer involve in the shooting will be released later today. good news from new york state, two missing amish girls are back home safe and sound. >> the sisters, 6-year-old delie la and 12-year-old fannie miller have been reunited with their family. investigators say wednesday night the girls went to wait on a customer at the family's roadside stand in northern new york along the canadaian border. but when the car there pulled away, the girls were gone too. but about 24 hours later they turned up at a home in richville, cold and wet, asking
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for help. so far no other details immediately available. two people sent to the hospital after fire in gaithersburg last night. the fire broke out at a home on warfield road. the woman inside was taken to the hospital to be treated for smawlings. a man was taken for observation. much of the house, though, gutted by those flames. crews this morning are working to determine the cause of the fire. workers trapped when a trench collapsed have now been freed. this all started around 5:00 yesterday afternoon on martingail court in potomac. one man was trapped in dirt up to his shoulders. the other one was trapped up to his waist. the men were conscious and talking to rescuers the whole time. they were finally freed around 8:00 last night. they were taken to the hospital, but they're both okay. an area attorney has been sentenced to six years in prison for embezzling money from an elderly woman. prosecutors say james kinchlo, jr of faulkier county stole
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about $480,000 from his 90-year- old client and her estate. the 67-year-old lawyer will have to repay most of the money to the woman's estate. she died in 2009. well, welcoming news this morning for people in southern prince george's county. the w.s.s.c. has lifted, as we said, that boil advisory for about 10,000 customers. the oil all -- the all clear came shortly before 1:00 a.m. the boil water advisory affected 10,000 residents in acakee, port washington and passcataway, when a main in the creek ruptured on tuesday. the w.s.s.c. does suggest that affected customers run cold water through all of their taps for at least five minutes before using it. the shenandoah river keeper is promising a lawsuit against the environmental protection agency. >> they are charging the epa is moving too slowly when it comes to cleaning up the river. long strands of nasty algeobloom in this river every summer and the experts say it is fed by the same kind of
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fertilizer and manure runoff that supplies toledo, ohio earlier in the month. >> but the end of this month we should see large quantities of this all up and down through st straussburg. >> gross. isn't that gross? the epa declined to comment on the threatened lawsuit, but says its efforts to protect the chesapeake bay are all flowing into the nutrient flow of the shenandoah river. >> that string of algeo says something needs to be done. >> gross. the redskins make a move to undo the recent ruling that stripped the team of its trademarks. that story still ahead. plus we check up on the status of the blue line three weeks after it started sharing space with
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it's a great start to our friday morning, 50s and 60s outside right now. a beautiful sunrise in progress. and, yes, lots of sunshine today. highs will top out right around 80 degrees. we'll keep the humidity low and our winds fairly light out of the west and northwest. mike, andrea. >> thanks, olga. the start of metro's silver line has been driving some blue line riders crazy. one of the primary reasons is the bottleneck at metro's rosalind tunnel. >> and they knew this was going to be a concern. wusa 9 transportation reporter martin decareo says metro is struggling to squeeze enough trains through that tunnel to keep blue line commuters on the move. >>reporter: welcome to rosalind station. it's afternoon rush hour and it's not fun. >> i'm not enjoying it all. i'm hot, i'm tired, i want to get home. i'm kind of over the commute. >>reporter: this tunnel may be
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metro's worst choke points. 26 trains an hour are scheduled to squeeze through here. because the silver nine now shares these tracks, only five of those trains are blue lines. before the silver line it was seven. >> it's a little better today, but normally you can't even get into the door, and everybody is going to rush in and there'll be no where to hold onto. >>reporter: fewer re crowding, slows down the parade and that in turn makes later trains even more crowded. >> you don't even try getting on? >> no. i'm hoping the next one will be a little less crowded, maybe an eight-car train. >>reporter: it can be tough to board a train, even when metro meets its goal of 26 trains an hour, but metro often doesn't reach that total. in the first week the silver line started sharing the tracks with blue and orange, only 22 trains an hour made it through rosslyn during afternoon rush. in the second week it was 23 trains an hour. so far this week it's the same. >> you can kind of see a ripple effect when things get slow
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down. it doesn't often happen right there, but you can kind of see it happen a little bit later as they get -- the platforms get loaded up and the cars get loaded. >>reporter: the solution to the blue line woas that are affecting more than 10,000 riders a day is building a second blue line station at rosslyn, but that's about a billion dollars and about a decade away. martin decaro, wusa 9. >> we asked metro for an interview to the story, but they declined that past. metro has said in the past blue line riders who want to avoid crowding delays should also consider taking the yellow line or a bus. it is 6:13. here's another look at the question of the morning. according to our survey, 3% of men have never owned one of these. is it, a, a pet, b, a vacuum, or, c, a savings account? >> well, our facebook friend roger lopez says i have owned every single one of those. so what do you think? we'd like to hear your responses. we'll shar
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evewith the highest levelde of engineering... design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the merc-bedesenz b-class. it's electric! it's electric! the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz. at 6:16, it is time to check your money this morning. hopefully the numbers will keep rolling in the right direction on friday. >> absolutely. the major up this morning and a of the european markets appear headed in the right direction as trading gets under way. and that follows a lot of green arrows here at home yesterday. the dow gained almost 62 points the s & p was up eight, the
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nasdaq climbed nearly 19 points. , ford recalling almost 85,000 vehicles because of faulty part could help them lose power or even roll away while they're parked. the recall affects 2012 through 2014 ford edge, the lincoln mkx and the 2013-2014 ford flex. the lincoln mkt and the 2013- 2014 ford taurus and lincoln mks, as in sam. the company says that due to improper installation of a clip in the axle, the half shaft can disengage from the link shaft. if that happens, power won't be transmitted to the wheels. ford says there haven't been any injuries reported from accidents due to this event. but ford will notify owners and begin the free repairs at the end of this month: the first two weekends in september will be chock full of announcements. samsung plans to show off new gadgets just after labor day with motorola gets its turn a week later. then a week later on september
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9th, apple is expected to unveil the updated features on its new iphone, along with phones and lablets. motorola is one of the companies that will also be unveiling a new smart watch. intel is also working on a smart watch that features health monitoring. 6:18. now to the latest on the redskins name controversy. the redskins have filed an appeal involving that recent u.s. patent office ruling. in june the offices canceled six federal trademark registrations bid team, a ruling that the team was using -- that the name was disparaging to native americans. the redskins released a statement on thursday saying in part, we believe that the trademark trial and appeal board ignored both federal case law and the weight of the evidence, and we look forward to having a federal court review the obviously flaw decision. so you can't get out of work today, but that means you might want to consider taking a nice long walk around lunchtime. it's going to be another beautiful, beautiful day.
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>> it's already starting out nice outside. it's a little on the cool side in a few locations, mainly north and west of town we're seeing some of those lower 50s to middle 50s, but most of us are sitting right around 60 degrees at this hour. the forecast looks pretty good. doppler radar nice and quiet. we like it that way to end off the week after what we've been through earlier this week in and around the metro area. all of the moisture has pretty much moved out. in fact, our winds this morning are out of the northwest. looking live from our michael and son cam, the sun is up and definitely going to see some sunshine throughout the day today. in fact, by lunchtime you'll see temperatures in the middle 70s. late in the afternoon, though, i think we get to the upper 70s, near 80 degrees, right around that 4:00 hour. and then tonight clear and calm. it'll be a moonlit night tonight and we'll definitely see those temperatures drop as a result. right now winds out of per hour. we're looking at humidity that's very, very reasonable and comfortable temperes


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